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Our Newest Release!!!

Native American Flute combined
with a variety of other World flutes
and ethnic instruments and drumming. 

01 Luminara

02 Shakti

03 Wandering Winds

04 Orion

05 Desert Sojourn

06 Aurora

Mandala album cover

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07 Mandala

08 Sakura

09 World Bazaar

10 Fire Circle

11 The Promise

12 Odyssey


"Taking Flight"
Native American Flute combined with a variety of mainstream musical genre influences including, inspirational, rock, blues and jazz. 

01 Taking Flight

02 Wolf Wisdom (Reprise)

03 Before Dawn

04 Imagination

05 Tumbleweed


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06 Blues-Bird

07 Livin' Life

08 Flutter-By

09 Mystic Loon

10 Because of You

11 Night Owl


Native American Music Awards WINNER!!!

"Sacred Spiral"
"Earth to Spirit"
Native American Flute Meditation music

*Also available as a verbal guided Chakra energy balancing meditation


01 Sacred Spiral

02 Of Earth

03 Of Water

04 Of Fire


05 Of Air

06 Of Sound

07 Of Light

08 Of Spirit




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01Of Earth (GUIDED)

02 Of Water (GUIDED)

03 Of Fire

04 Of Air(GUIDED)

05 Of Sound(GUIDED)

06 Of Light(GUIDED)

07 Of Spirit

08 Regrounding(GUIDED)

Native American Flute and Drum
with spoken word prayer

"Medicine Wheel - "
"Prayers of the Four Directions"

Also available as a Guided Power Animal Meditation

Spoken Word Version

01 Eagle(Awohali) Medicine

02 Coyote(Wayaha) Medicine

03 Bear(Yona) Medicine

04 Buffalo(Yanasi) Medicine

Medicine Wheel CD cover

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Guided Power Animal Meditation Version

01 Eagle

02 Coyote

03 Bear

04 Buffalo

05 Back to Eagle


Instrumental Version

05 Eagle(Awohali) Medicine

06 Coyote(Wayaha) Medicine

07 Bear(Yona) Medicine

08 Buffalo(Yanasi) Medicine



Native American Flute music with Celtic influence
Native American Music Awards Nominated and
Indian Summer Music Awards


01 All My Ancestors

02 Lady of The Lake

03 Dragonfly Returns

04 The Clover Song

05 Fawn Meadow

06 Wishing Well

Crossroads CD

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07 Crossroads

08 Shadow Dancing

09 There Is One

10 Mockingbird Tale

11 Red Feather Sings

12 Scarborough Faire



Indian Summer Music Awards WINNER!!!

Solo flute compositions
(featuring women connected by the Native Rhythms Flute Competition)

"Kindred Spirits"

01 Dragonfly

02 Where There's Rain, There is Sunshine

03 Red Feather

04 Sky Full of Stars

05 Is It Really True

06 Remembering Leonard

Kindred Spirits CD cover

Kindred Spirits CD


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07 Sacajawea Sunset

08 Lonely Sand Hill Crane Finds a Mate

09 Ode To Pocahontas

10 Running Feet

11 The Unremembered Gate

12 Drifting Petals

Click here to find out more about the inspiration and stories behind the making of
"Kindred Spirits"


Great for chakra meditation and healing


01 Grounding

02 Creation

03 Empowerment

04 Connection


Transcendence CD


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05 Expression

06 Clarity

07 Transcendence


Native American Music Awards Nominated
Indian Summer Music Awards


01 Wildflowers

02 Caballos

03 Valley of Fire

04 Dahlia

05 Canyon Sunrise

06 Sea of Cortez

Wildflowers CD cover

Wildflowers CD

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07 Dance of the Egret

08 Blue Mountains

09 Mandevilla

10 Tres Amigas

11 The Cherokee Rose



Special for the holidays

"Season of Lights"

01 Huron Carol

02 Merry Gentlemen

03 Bleak Midwinter

04 Season of Lights

05 We Three Kings

06 Holly and Ivy

Season of Lights CD

Season of Lights CD

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07 I Saw Three Ships

08 What Child is This

09 Bring a Torch

10 Coventry Carol

11 Silent Night

Click here to find out more about the stories behind the making of

"Season of Lights"


Great for meditation & relaxation


The High Gallery
01 The High Gallery

Horseshoe Shelter
02 Horseshoe Shelter

The Great Gallery CD

The Great Gallery CD



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The Alcove Gallery
03 The Alcove Gallery

The Great Gallery
04 The Great Gallery

Click here to find out more about the inspiration and intention behind the making of

"The Great Gallery"



NAMA and Indian Summer Music Awards nominated


01 Sidewinder

02 Wind Riders

03 Desert Rain

04 Distant Lights

05 Fuego

06 Saguaro

Buy the Mirage CD

Mirage CD

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07 Oasis

08 Ocean of Fire

09 Mesquite Flat

10 Peyote

11 Mirage


Our first release-


01 Canyon de Chelly

02 Windswept

03 Spirit Journey

04 Mourning Dove

05 Condor's Lament

06 Lone Wolf

Spirit Journey CD

Spirit Journey CD

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07 Firewalker

08 Shapeshifter

09 Cool Waters

10 Dreamworld

11 Song at Sundown


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