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The Great Gallery CD

Most of our music is created purely by inspiration...wildlife, nature, visiting sacred and places of true beauty, basically in short, experiences that really touch or move us. These have proven to be very healing experiences for us, and many listeners claim that this essence already comes through our music.

This album was created entirely with healing and peaceful intention in mind. The songs are longer in length, slower and steadier in tempo, and employ tones, nature sounds, effects, and frequencies that are commonly utilized in many music therapies.

  We are not claiming that this album will be a cure of any sort for anyone, however, our greatest wish for this music is to provide an intended foundation for the pursuit of greater health and peacefulness.

Scroll down below the song profiles for more information and history about The Great Gallery of Horseshoe Canyon, UT


Song and Panel Title
Song Profile
The High Gallery
Song 1

The song symbolizes the energy and motivation required to begin the journey. The High Gallery is the name of the first panel to be reached along the trail on the long hike to The Great Gallery.

Short clip of "The High Gallery"

Tempo is 80 BPM. Full song length is 5:45 

Horseshoe Shelter
Song 2

The song symbolizes transition, the next part of the journey, reaching the second panel on the path, the realization of the difficulty of the trek and the importance of pacing and preparing yourself for the more difficult and long path ahead.

Short clip of "Horseshoe Shelter"

The tempo begins at 80 bpm and slows to a calming 60 bpm, paralleling a heart rate at total rest.   Full song length is 11:28

The Alcove Gallery
Song 3

The song symbolizes persistence and determination, reaching the third panel, doing the work required to reach the intended destination.  This song was also inspired by watching tiny ants hard at work, a miracle in progress.

Short clip of "The Alcove Gallery"

Tempo is 60 bpm.  Full song length is 14:44

The Great Gallery
Song 4

The song symbolizes the satisfaction of reaching the destination, bliss, and tranquility. The Great Gallery is the final and most memorable panel at the end of the 6 mile trek by foot.

Short clip of "The Great Gallery"

There is no intended tempo.  Full song length is 27:20

Total album length is 59:28
The Great Gallery CD back


The Great Gallery is one of largest and best preserved collections of Barrier Canyon Style rock art in the United States.  It is located in Horseshoe Canyon, formerly known as Barrier Canyon, a remote and detached section of Canyonlands National Park in southeast Utah.  The Great Gallery is the most well-known and spectacular of the canyon's four major panels.  The panel itself measures about 200 feet long and 15 feet high. The panel contains about 20 life-sized anthropomorphic images, the largest of which measures over 7 feet tall.  The gallery was a product of the Desert Archaic culture, a nomadic group of hunter-gatherers predating the Fremont and Ancestral Puebloans.
Human presence in Horseshoe Canyon has been dated as far back as 7000-9000 B.C., when Paleo-Indians hunted large mammals such as Mastodons and Mammoths across the southwest. Later inhabitants included the Desert Archaic culture, the Fremont culture, and Ancestral Pueblo People. Occupation by the Fremont and Ancestral Puebloans was relatively brief; it is believed that the canyon was abandoned by Native American peoples by 1300 A.D.
Horseshoe Canyon also has a more modern history. Nineteenth century outlaws such as Butch Cassidy often took refuge in the area's confusing network of canyons. Early twentieth century ranchers used the canyon to graze cows and sheep. The remnants of an old water tank and pumping station can be seen along the modern trail into the canyon. Mid-20th century prospectors improved the stock trails while unsuccessfully looking for oil, uranium, and other minerals. The canyon became part of Canyonlands National Park in 1971 in an attempt to preserve and protect the rock art found along much of its length, and is now used exclusively for visitors to see America's greatest rock art.

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