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Ashes to Phoenix

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Music has proven to be a natural healing therapy in many cultures as far back as history is recorded. I have incorporated many of the ancient therapies into modern day compositions and have also embodied messages of healing into a diverse range of musical styles that will appeal to people of all ages, races, and cultures. The various musical styles include: meditational, folk, rock, world, reggae, celtic, blues, spiritual, new age, Latin, alternative, pop, Native American and more.

The following 60 second music samples are presented in MP3 files.


Painted Raven's


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05 Expression

06 Clarity

07 Transcendence


Painted Raven's
"The Great Gallery"

The Great Gallery CD

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The Great Gallery

04 The Great Gallery


Stone Soup's
"Many Hands"

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07 Kingdom in the Sky

08 A Little Faith

09 Portrait

10 Touch the Ground

11 New World



Songs from the CD-
Seeking Higher Ground

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07 The Road Less Traveled

08 The Power

09 Untouched by Time

10 Flight of the Phoenix

11 1000 Whispers